Wall is the One: There Should Be No Other Choice for the Zards

john_wallThe Wizards front office has been real coy when it comes to whether they intend to draft John Wall with the #1 pick in this week’s NBA draft. This is not surprising.

Since they do have the overall first pick, the Zards do have options. Most years, Ohio State’s Evan Turner, who should have an outstanding NBA career, would rightfully be on the radar screen of any team picking first. Turner reminds people, including myself, of Portland’s Brandon Roy—and the scary part is he might turn out to be even better than the all-pro Roy.

But this is not your typical year and John Wall is not your typical talent. When you combine Wall’s freakish athleticism, and his excellent ball-handling and passing skills, with his demeanor which screams “I’m here and I’m ready to lead the way,” you have what most people believe is a “superstar-in-waiting.” Someone you must absolutely take if you have the #1 overall pick. As a Wizards fan, I’m ecstatic about the idea of Wall in a Zards uni. I’m equally excited about a backcourt that teams Wall with a rejuvenated Gilbert Arenas. Let the games begin!

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