What do Virtual Sports Offer for Punters?

virtual sportsWhy punters prefer virtual sports to real sports ?

Punters are enjoying the luxury of being able to place wagers via their smartphone or tablet from the comfort of their own sofa. Hundreds of virtual sports bookmakers and casinos now offer various products and the range of betting opportunities is continually increasing. Horse racing, soccer, NHL, and NFL are just some of the most popular markets enjoyed by a variety of punters but one relatively recent phenomenon is the emergence of virtual sports. What is the appeal of these animated events for bettors?

It’s fair to say that virtual sports have been known to divide punters. There are a number of bettors who prefer to wager on real-life events, poring over the form and picking out their selections based on statistics and prior knowledge but many others enjoy the thrill and rewards of betting on virtual sports.

They are created by computer software and open up another betting option for punters who are signed up with an online sportsbook. Advanced computer algorithms determine the event’s outcome and it can often throw up big-priced winners. Events include horse racing, football, motor racing and greyhound/dog racing.

Part of the appeal of virtual sports is the regularity with which they come around. There is no need to wait until the weekend for a particular football match to get underway nor will you be required to hold onto your betting slip whilst a horse point-blank refuses to enter the stalls and subsequently delays the race.

Virtual events come around every 90 seconds on average with an occasional cross-over. This frequency is hugely appealing to punters who wish to place a wager quickly and without having to spend hours looking at previous form.

The possibility of huge returns is also part of the reason for their ever-increasing popularity. It’s not uncommon for a 40/1 outsider to finish clear winner in a virtual horse race and the possibility of small-stakes forecasts and tricasts can often return five figures if correctly predicted. You would only need one of these to land in order to make a huge profit.

Punters who are searching for a wagering opportunity in which they aren’t required to know which key players are struggling with injury often enjoy virtual football or basketball, which offer a number of markets including correct score and under/over 2.5 goals. These matches kick off approximately every five or six minutes.

Virtual sports online may not be for everybody but punters who regularly play these computer-generated games thoroughly enjoy the experience. The ability to land huge prizes and play almost on-demand is hugely appealing and they continue to attract interest from bettors around the world.

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