Unpredictable College Football Betting Trends Make Sports Gambling Exciting

It’s that time of the year again. The week before the NFL begins its regular season, right after Week 4 of the Preseason ends, college football kicks off. While some people may prefer the intensity of professional football games, for others the real excitement is in watching the high-flying, high octane games at the NCAA level.

One of the more fun aspects of college football season is looking at the college football betting trends to determine which team will cover the spread and which will fail to cover. College football odds can be huge, much larger than ones at the pro level. Looking at just this week’s lines, some teams are 41.5 point favorites, 32.5 point favorites, and 42 point home favorites.

Because some of these college teams meet only once every few years, or once a decade, setting lines can be very, very difficult. It’s not like in NFL football betting, where teams may meet twice a year, once a year, or at least every few years. In college, some teams may not play each other for several decades, and there are always some matchups that have never occurred before.

In terms of the betting trends, matchup trends may not even be an option, making the team trends much more important, but less of a guide to what might happen during a game. With no historical team matchups, where can bettors go for solid information? That’s one of the challenges that both Las Vegas sportsbook oddsmakers have, as well as the betting public.

Totals betting is another aspect of the college football experience that can provide a lot of excitement. Lines can be as high as 65-70 points when two teams with high-powered offenses meet. Last year, the Texas A&M Aggies were just one of those teams, with the Oregon Ducks another team that would put up a lot of points. The Alabama Crimson Tide is another team that typically scored points in bunches, and it’s always difficult to predict whether they will go over or under the totals line that’s been set.

While many people will play the Top 25 and the “big name” schools, such as Notre Dame, Florida, and Syracuse, no matter where they’re ranked, there are always valuable college football betting trends and matchups further down the schedule. Every weekend, between forty and fifty teams will meet, which means the bookmakers will always miss something.

This is what makes NCAA football betting so much fun. From week to week, no one can predict even who will win and who will fall out of or jump into the Top 25 rankings. And predicting point spreads and totals is even more difficult, but can be very lucrative for sports gamblers.

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