Top10 MLB Teams With Highest Net Worth

Usually headlines (including mlb teams highest net worth) by the renowned Forbes magazine, various publications will rank the net worth of each sports franchise all over the world, including soccer, American football, basketball, and baseball.

In 2017, the New York Yankees ($3.7 Billion) were ranked as the most valuable franchise among all MLB teams. How does that list look in 2018?

Check out the most valuable mlb teams highest net worth 2018:

top 10 MLB teams 2017

  1. Philadelphia Phillies — Everyone knows that Philadelphia sports fans are crazy about their teams, as evidenced by their loyal, continued attendance. Despite a recent slump in the on-field performance, the Phillies franchise was valued at $1.24 billion.
  1. Washington Nationals — After the former Montreal Expos franchise relocated to Washington, DC and became the Nationals, they’ve been one of the most intriguing young MLB teams. Thanks to superstars like Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer, the Nationals are currently valued at $1.3 billion.
  1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — Playing in the second biggest market in the United States, and employing a player in Mike Trout that all other MLB teams would kill to have, the Angels remain one of the most successful MLB franchises, in terms of revenue. They’re currently valued at $1.34 billion.
  1. St. Louis Cardinals — St. Louis could stake its claim as the baseball capital of the United States, and few other fans could legitimately argue that claim. How many MLB teams have had the sustained success that the Cardinals have had in recent years? That’s a big reason the team is currently valued at $1.6 billion.
  1. New York Mets — Even though they’re the “other” baseball team in Gotham, with one of the further MLB stadiums by distance, the Mets will always have their share of loyal fans. Currently valued at $1.65 billion, the Mets remain a staple in the National League East race.
  1. Chicago Cubs — If it wasn’t for the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs might be the most iconic baseball franchise among all others. The current reigning World Series champions are worth $2.2 billion, and look to add to that with one of the strongest young core of players among all MLB teams.
  1. San Francisco Giants — The team that plays in front of beautiful McCovey Cove, in the ritzy city of San Francisco, the San Francisco Giants are worth $2.25 billion as a franchise. They’ve been one of the most successful MLB teams over the past two decades.
  1. Boston Red Sox — One of the three most iconic MLB teams of all time, the Boston Red Sox — thanks to their diehard fan following — are worth a whopping $2.23 billion as a franchise. Few MLB stadiums sell out consistently the way Fenway Park does.
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers — The second most valuable franchise among all MLB teams might be the very best on the field. Valued at $2.5 billion, the Los Angeles Dodgers look like a heavy favorite to appear in the 2017 World Series.
  1. New York Yankees — Could there be anyone else? Sitting at $3.14 billion in valuation, they’re not just the most valuable franchise among all MLB teams, but the second most valuable franchise among all American sports teams. The Yankees are simply synonymous with America’s pastime.

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