Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is another type of auto racing that is commonly popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, New Zealand, Argentina and Canada. Stock car racing differs from other forms of race as it modifies the racing purpose. Originally, stock cars used for such races are that which hasn’t undergone modification, but later on used cars that are customized. Although, stock car racing differs from a race car as the cars used are specially modified for racing purpose only.

 Maybe you have heard enough of NASCAR, the largest stock car racing organization, where cars attribute full adrenaline drive of racing series. Production-based automobiles have predominantly used designs that ensure affordable speculations on all vehicles. NASCAR provides top riders to speed the trail of 200 kph in an open-wheeled race. Race car sponsorships are also a money game in this event. Win or lose, the race still carries on.

There are three classes of Stock car racing: Street stock, Super stock and Late Model. Street stock involves the use of streetcars with a few modified specs. However, the race still implements regulation that will qualify drivers for the race. Super stock on the other hand, adds more changes to the engines. Horsepower outputs are well-emphasized here and it is upgraded compare to Street stock. Late Model is classified as excellent designs where drivers can optimize specs at their own convenience. NASCAR, in this case, belongs to the Late Model class.

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