Rally Racing

One of the most popular forms of auto racing is called the rally racing or rallying. Many people enjoy and admire this challenging sport because it brings thrill and excitement. It became widely-recognized in different countries across the world. Typically, the venue of rally racing is situated in private or even public roads that are customized and exclusively open for racing purposes.

It was during the early period 1911 when the first rallying event take place and was called the Monte Carlo Rally. Hence, the first unofficial rally racing event happened in 1894 organized by a Paris newspaper. It was in the year 1900 when it became a sport in Great Britain while it was around 1905 to 1906 when it hit Germany. Since then, many European countries get involved with different racing competitions. The first American rally racing event is called the New York-Seattle race in 1909 while the first international event was known as the New-York to Paris. It highlights different athletes from across America and Europe and it was the benchmark of all racing events. The early history of rally racing is indeed the foundation of what the sport had transformed today.

Today, people are driving Ferrari’s and Porches as a racing vehicle that mostly takes place in new public road rally circuit. The most famous rallying event in this modern time is called the Gumball 3000. The event became phenomenal and many people followed this great racing competition.

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