play casino slots for real money is not a joke

Casino slots have become a hugely popular game choice since they were first invented back in 1887 by Californian Charles Fey. They account for around a whopping 70% of the average casino’s income in the USA and are a staple of the gambling trade. However, this fun pastime was once only confined to brick and mortar establishments.

Thanks to the explosion of the online gaming industry throughout the early noughties, it’s now as easy as a click of a button to play casino slots in the comfort of your own home. Vegas slots are no longer restricted to Vegas and online casino slots are paying out fortunes to lucky punters who are playing from behind their computer and mobile screens.

This new demand has given rise to a huge choice of slots, all with unique themes and brightly colored graphics. Big names such as Mega Moolah and Arabian Knights have created instant millionaires across the globe, while titles such as the Dazzle me casino game are injecting some vibrancy into the mix.

The Dazzle online casino slot game is a great example of how the online world has given real money gambling a new leash of life. Available at a range of sites, including the Guts casino, this NetEnt game has embraced the fast pace of internet gaming, along with the improved graphical abilities offered by connected devices. With bets starting as low as just 20p, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a favorite amongst the choice of Guts online slot games, and across the internet as a whole.

While a fun concept is of great importance to modern gamers, it’s the massive jackpots and frequent payouts that are most enticing. And there’s plenty of people in the world who will recommend taking that leap of faith and placing a bet on an online slot machine. One advocate in particular is an anonymous player in Finland who, back on 20th January 2013, placed a bet of just €0.25 on Mega Fortune while playing at the casino. Little did the 47-year-old know that he was about to scoop a record breaking jackpot payoutand land a place in gaming history, by winning an incredible €17,861,813 cash prize.

His story isn’t unique. Every day people are earning life changing amounts of money simply by taking a trip to their online casino. Big fortunes have never been easier to get hold of and, even if you don’t earn millionaire status, slot games are a fantastically fun way to spend your time.

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