One Make Racing

There are plenty of car racing categories. However, one-make racing is one of the common selections in any GT race divisions. One-make racing division involves only one model car manufacturer. It determines single marque series from other continental regions of one-make racing. This racing is also called one-design or Spec racing where specific parts of the design are identical.

In this car racing, the exception fosters all drivers to its car setup as well as their techniques toward using certain chassis. Eventually, the costs of setting up common parts are affordable as compare to other divisions of auto racing.

 John Cooper Mini Challenge excites the car-racing events annually around the world since it holds the most watched one-design racing competition. Others include the Radical European Masters, Formula Renault and Formula BMW. Ultimately, everyone awaits the Porsche Super cup championship race because it precedes the series of Spec racing in automobile engineering history.

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