Off-road Racing

One of the most popular types of racing today is the so-called off-road racing. It became a favorite hobby or sport among people in Western countries like in North America and Europe and even in New Zealand. The concept of this racing is very complex as it uses different modified cars, motorcycles and even trucks and other types of vehicle. The competition is typically held in an off-road environment where spectators can watch the race.

Off-road racing evolved in the 20th century. The first ever race took place across the Mexican dessert and was called the Mexican 1000.  It was only during the 60s when an organization emerged and organized the various racing event across North America. There are several formats that became famous and one of them is the called the stadium racing. They created an off-road racetrack specifically designed to fit the entire stadium. Other format doesn’t require a modified track field, which is known as hill climbing. On the other hand, the Tuff Truck competition has the shortest track format compared to the usual race circuit that range up to 5 miles. In 2009, several organizations had formed in the United States and introduced the short course racing.

An off-road racing is also considered a motorsport wherein modified vehicles compete in tricky terrains. Indeed, there’s much to discover about this racing and you can explore for yourself to find out.

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