Monster Truck Racing

monster truck racing

Monster truck racing has become a tradition and a part of the US culture. It is a race using the so-called monster trucks. On one hand, monster trucks are the known “pick-up” trucks or the purposely-constructed trucks with intensely huge wheels as well as its suspension. Monster truck racing or likewise referred as Bigfoot racing involves a competition of similar type of trucks with a diversity of obstacle tracks like crashed cars, dirt ramps, and such other off-road formations.

Today, Monster Jam is the biggest promoter of monster truck racing. Many people are watching the game in the arena, while others like young kids play the video game called the monster truck madness. Everyone loves monster truck racing because of the thrill and excitement it gives to its viewers. You can watch the event on TV while enjoying the show. Also, there are several monster truck names including the Avenger, Bigfoot, Bulldozer, Captain’s Curse, Cyborg and a whole lot more.

Indeed, monster truck racing is a very interesting sports entertainment, which in some cases, it features alongside car-eating robots, mud bogging and tractor pulls. Monster truck is perfect amusement for kids, teenager, and even parents or grandparents as well.

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