Major League Baseball (MLB) Season 2016

Major League Baseball (MLB) is an oldest professional baseball organization and one of the major sports leagues in the United States and Canada.

American League (AL) and National League (NL) constitute MLB.

A total of 30 teams plays in these two leagues as follows:

Major League Baseball (MLB) Season 2016

The top 3 teams in Major League Baseball Season 2016

Los Angeles Dodgers: They are at 10th position in MLB Power Rankings. They have to work upon the team weaknesses due to which they lost the past off season.

Seager and Pederson are the youngsters in the team, and for the defense, Dave Roberts has replaced Don Mattingly as he was very much stressed out.

However, the offense was not consistent in the last season, but now they have mixed up some youngsters with the experts. They have the promising candidates and if they overcome their injuries then surely they will be knocking off the clubs this season.

Toronto Blue Jays: They are at the 6th position in MLB Power Rankings. On the future odds, Blue Jays are advancing Boston and Baltimore and their schedule is also much easier this season.

It is expected that Marcus Stroman will be giving the full season and bullpen arms and depth are also added this winter. Scoring runs will not be a problem to them, and if they would get more from the starting pitchers, then they will surely be keeping their hopes to win this season.

Louis Cardinals: They are at the 7th position in MLB Power Ranking and are at second rank in the North League Central. Most of the champions of their team are getting healthy like Matt Holliday and Adam Wainwright who have missed a big part of the last season game.

Mike Leake is added to the starting rotation and Molina is also ready after finishing his surgeries and with these talented players the team is expected to blow the other teams out of the water.

Top 10 fastest players in Major League Baseball Season 2016


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Major League Baseball Season Live score

Live scores of every MLB matches can be watched on High-Definition LED scoreboard screens. They can handle graphics, live video displays and detailed information like scores and statistics.

For example, some of the HD big screens are-Safeco Field – Seattle Mariners, Chase Field – Arizona Diamondbacks, Minute Maid Park – Houston Astros, Miller Park – Milwaukee Brewers, Great American Ball Park – Cincinnati Reds, etc.

MLB Standing are as follows:

Wins and Losses – ‘W’ or ‘L’ columns give you the number of wins or losses of each team. The ‘PCT’ columns show you the winning percentage of the teams.

The ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ or ‘Road’ columns gives you the details of the each team’s records of win-loss for the road games and the home-field games. An ‘L10’ column provides the win-loss particulars of each teams’ last 10 outings. ‘STRK’ full form is Streak, which shows each team’s current win-loss streak.

GB – GB hold for the phrases “games behind” and the “games back.” In this standing slots, in a division zero or dash is given to the top team.

 E# – The symbol “E#” or “E” is representing the elimination number which depicts the winning numbers of the division leader and the losses of another team. The top team needs this for securing a spot in the postseason.

WCGB – After the identification of six division leaders from every league, the best team is given an award of a wild card spot for bringing up the total number of teams to eight in the postseason.

WCGB stands for “wild card games back.”

American League

In American League East, x-Boston tops the chart with 93 W.

In American League Central, x-Cleveland stays at the top with 94 W.

In American League West, x-Texas tops the table with 95 W.

National League

In National League East, x-Washington is the first position with 95 W.

In National League Central, x-Chicago Cubs tops the charts with 102 W.

In National League West, Los Angeles Dodgers leads the table with 91 W.

MLB Playoffs

The league starts with 162 games per season. Ten teams qualify for playoffs, out of which 5 of them are from American League and another 5 are from National League.


One playoff game is arranged after the season for determining which team is advancing if a tie happens between wild card or any two divisions.

Division Series (ALDS and NLDS)

In the five series the best team is chosen, and it is the division series. This is the team that has given the advantage of playing in the home field as it shows a best overall record and its top-notch performance in the matches.

League Championship Series (ALCS and NLCS)

For the league championship series the division series winners proceed to the best-of-seven National League Championship Series and American League Championship Series.  The advantage of playing in the home field is given to the team that is showing the best record.

World Series

The NLCS and ALCS winners advance to the World Series. The advantage of the home field is given in the World Series which is decided by the All-Start Game winning league. The Champion of Major League is the first team who secures four matches out of seven games series.

MLB Uniforms or Jersey

In the 19th century when the professional baseball was started and till now the uniforms or jersey of the MLB players have witnessed a lot of change. As there are different team brands so the mass production of uniform is mainly done and the material used is high-quality polyester or wool.

In 2005, the official contract of MLB uniforms was given to Majestic Athletic and the company is still maintaining the contract.

The official rules have to be followed, and they are:-

  • Numbers
  • Undershirt
  • Sleeve length
  • No attachments
  • No images of baseballs
  • No glass buttons or polished metals
  • No commercial advertisements
  • Names

Recently there are 302 varieties of jerseys and new MLB caps printed for various teams and some special jersey for special events.

For instance:

  • Milwaukee Brewers 2016 Mother’s Day Uniform

Every team will wear this outfit that is featuring a cap of dark grey color having the logo of their team that is re-colored in dark grey and pink. The back of the cap shows the logo of Major League Baseball.

Similarly, jerseys will have team logos, patches, word marks, numbers and piping re-coloured in pink and dark grey.

Others are Miami Marlins Memorial Day Uniforms, New York Mets Father’s Day Uniform, etc.

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