Kart Racing

kart racingKarting or also known as kart racing is one of the most popular types of motorsport in our modern world today. They use go-karts or shifter karts with various designs and components. The competition is typically held on scaled-down circuits that are modified and crafted to be suitable for the racing event. The first kart was built in the mid 50s by a veteran racecar inventor. The first company to manufacture karts was known as Go Kart Manufacturing Co and later kart engines were created by another American company. It was only during the 60s era where motorcycle engines are used for karts before companies created a specific engine for kart vehicles.

There are several components of kart racing. One of them is called the chassis, which is created to work as a suspension and is made of a steel cylinder with different classifications. The engines can be 4-stroke or 2-stoke electric motors specifically intended for the famous go-karts. The transmission is another component where power is transmitted to the certain parts of the engine to function. The tires and wheels are typically small compared to a common vehicle. The tires have various types that may differ based on track conditions. There are several race formats such as sprint, endurance and speedway.

Indeed, the kart racing is the most complex but a very stimulating motorsport ever created in our modern times. This type of motorsport is considered a sophisticated and expensive activity among car racing drivers.

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