You do not need to be the new Shakespeare – we will edit your stories (guest post) to iron out any errors.

We are merely looking for people with a passion for games & sport, and an urge to write about it.


guest post

We believe in the quality of content instead of quantity, and anyone who wants to contribute by providing a guest post of high-value information in related to sports, games, online games, etc. is always welcome.

You can write for us but before submitting your great idea, don’t forget to read the following guidelines:

  1. Guest Post must be of 700+ words with 3 or 4 relevant images or video links.
  2. We consider three main factors like post length, content quality or readability (short para with headings and subheadings) and uniqueness for the approval.
  3. Post that is very relevant and useful to the readers of this blog will only consider. Any article which isn’t related to the topic of our blog will be rejected immediately upon review.
  4. You must write guest post must be in proper English and without any grammar mistakes. We will reject any poorly written post.
  5. We can edit the content (if its necessary) as per the requirement.
  6. The article or post must not be promotional or promote any brands (commercial). Please contact us or send email to, before submitting any guest post which is promotional.
  7. The post can have only three links to external websites. One link to your blog and other two links to any high authority site which must be relevant to your story.
  8. You can write a brief author bio (2-3 sentences) with an additional one link to your social media profiles.
  9. The article must be new, unique and original.
  10. The guest post must not have been published elsewhere online already. All submissions will be verified for originality using a tool such as or

We will reply within 24 to 48 hours after getting your request.