What Makes a Good Mobile Casino Review in 2016/2017

The next few years present some of the most significant steps for the mobile casino, slots and games markets, in that 2016/2017 marks the final journey to maximum capacity in 2018. By that we’re talking the boom of the mobile casino industry predicted several years ago will reach it’s climax in around three years time. But who cares about that? What is important however is that mobile slots and casino players know how to find good casinos now, and not later when there’s too much competition to see the wood for the trees, or more likely, the bonuses for the promotions.

It need not to explain again what perks or benefits we can enjoy with choosing a reliable casino platform and this is the only reason this form of game is very popular at present.

To help players understand how to find a good mobile casino among-st all the chaos of close competition, we asked Slotsquad.co.uk what makes a good mobile casino review in 2016/2017 to see how their team weigh up brands, games variety and design when it comes to choosing a good mobile casino site. Slotsquad, recently shortlisted for the IGB best newcomer affiliate award in 2016 responded in kind by revealing some pointers about their rating system. You see, Slotsquad rated mobile casinos for UK players include some of the highest scoring sites on the planet, so how does that happen?

In truth, it’s all about variables says James, Slotsquad’s Chief Editor and self-appointed mobile slots freak. He goes on to say that games variety is a more important factor than bonus value, and that game replication is one of the worst core identities found within the mobile casino industry. Terms and conditions should also be fluid and understandable, ensuring that players should never be bored into submission of a bad deal.

Slotsquad also said that brand reputation makes a good mobile casino review in 2016/2017 if you can explain it,  something more important than brand age. James said that new mobile casinos are now competing with the big brands and that brand age or size should never be used as the deciding factor.

So there you have it, good mobile casino reviews in 2016/2017 should explain the terms and conditions, go deep on games variety and specify brand reputation. It’s not about saying this website offers £1000 free and hundreds of mobile slots, it’s about clearly stating how many of those games are unique, and how much of that money is real.

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