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Gamerschain is a new social media website for Gamers and free to join and use. Our first aim is to bring gamers closer together, second aim is to make Gamerschain your first choice to have any questions or problems, you might encounter in a game, solved as the content is made by and made for the users of the website.

How it works? Hardcore and social gamers and anyone in between these categories now have the opportunity to create their own profile and join game groups or create their own game group. Additionally any clan, guild, alliance from any game can create their own clan/guild page, also free of charge. Registering is easy, on the homepage click on register and fill in the form. A validation e-mail will be send to your inbox (not there? Check your spam folder), click on the link and you are ready to use Gamerschain. Feel free to write a review, post your screenshots, films, achievements and such on the website.

To give you a better idea about the website see an example of a game page. Rome: Total War has been a revolutionary game for years and still has a large community playing it on a regular basis. There are many mods made by game enthusiasts that usually are free to download from different pages which will increase game play or even give the game a whole new dimension.

Want to show off with your guild or clan? No problem! Create your own site and invite your guild/ clan members to join in on the fun. Here you can also post screenshots, videos, tactics, strategies and discussions.

We try to gather as many excellent games as possible and need the users to help us achieving that goal. For the last couple of years online games have increased in popularity and we would like to share just one of them with our audience: Forge of Empires. This game has been released recently by award winning game studio InnoGames.

Want to be part of something new? Join Gamerschain!

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