Evolution of Poker From the Tables to the Internet

WSOP Online Poker has re branded itself from being just a table game in a casino to being a virtual application played by millions across the world. A strategy and mind sport, poker originated in New Orleans of the Louisiana State in 1829. That time, they were only using a deck of 20 cards. This form of gambling was transported to other cities by players who crossed the Mississippi River.

In 1850, more than two decades after the first accounted game of poker, the popular 52-card deck was invented by the Englishmen. Different kinds of flushes were also introduced during this period. The wild card, lowball and split-pot poker were introduced after the 1900’s. It was in 1970 when modern-day poker entered the strips of casinos in the United States.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the boom of the Internet paved the way for the virtualization of games. Software developers created a real-life scenario of casino games and can now be played online, through personal computers and mobile gadgets. The prevalence of online casinos allows players to play anytime, anywhere. The popularity and wide usage of mobile platforms helped trigger the proliferation of virtual table games, jackpot games, slots, scratch cards and poker. The usual problems of noisy spectators and cheating in real-life casinos have now  turned into things like the server is too slow to host video poker, can’t login or graphics are not working fine.

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