Drag Racing

The most complex and modern type of racing is called the drag racing. This form of racing competition has its own racetrack, which is the so-called dragstrip. This exciting sport is very popular and existent in all parts of the world. The race track itself has its own high-tech electronic system that determines the winner of the competition. There are several measurements that are being used for the competition including the elapsed time, speed and reaction time. These measurements determine the technicalities that comprise this sport and it also identifies the legitimate winner.

 There are so many classes of drag racing. Most of them are classified based on engine size, modifications, weight and body style. These classes also comprise with sub-classes, which is solely based on engine components. There are several racing organizations that are currently operating in almost all continents of the planet. In the United States, the National Hot Rod Association runs almost all major racing activity across the country. In 1965, the first Australian racing event took place in the capital city of Victoria. The first racing organization in the UK was also established in the 60s while Club 3G’s was established in South America specifically in Columbia. This sport also became popular particularly in India as well as in Pakistan.

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