Dan Rooney Man behind Success of Pittsburgh Steelers

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Dan Rooney – Godfather of Pittsburgh Steelers

Dan Rooney is the owner of the team Pittsburgh Steelers. He was just not the owner but also a respected and beloved man. Who shaped the team and brought it to the top. It won’t be wrong to say that he is the cause for where the team is today. He turned the Pittsburgh Steelers football team into one of the most successful teams of NFL. He has an impact on the teams and that is why he is the Godfather of the team.

Dan Rooney’s Background

In the year 2002, Rooney, the head of the league’s diversity committee, started one big rule. That was to give the opportunities to the minority coaches to take part in the NFL. Rooney Rule stated that the team must have to take at least one minority candidate on hire for the post of the head coach or some another senior positions in football.

This rule has an important impact upon the team, NFL. In the year 2006, the starting season, 22 percent of high level coaches came from the minority backgrounds in the league. Before the percentage was too low, it was only 6 percent.

The head coach of the team Current panthers was Ron Rivera, who is Hispanic. He gives all the credit to Rooney for his brilliant job.


There is no need to mention that if there is no Dan Rooney the scenario of the football team Pittsburgh Steelers would be different. Dan Rooney has an important influence over the team Steelers. This team was established by his father Art Rooney in the year 1933. In the year late 1960s, the Steelers are more akin than the Cleveland Browns than any world-beaters. From the year 1965-1969 the team have used quarterbacks of eight different matches and struggled to get a record of 14-53-2.

In the year 1969, Dan Rooney managed the team very carefully. Rooney personally hired a coach for the team named Chuck Noll who rebuilt the team and took the team to the top. Before Rooney took the charge of the team the team Steelers has 22 losing seasons and no championships. After Dan Rooney took the charge of the team, the Steelers have 15 division championships, eight AFC Championships, 6 super bowl wins.

Every football fans appreciate the dedication of Dan Rooney towards the football team. Rooney has a beautiful relationship with the players and he went up with them in football. In early days he influenced by getting to know the players on his father’s team and there many of them help him with his homework as a child.

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