Cheap seats at MLB stadiums Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Going to watch a professional baseball game at any one of the beautiful Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums around the United States is a worthwhile experience for any sports fan. After all, which other sport has an actual anthem devoted to attending a baseball game, along the lines of the famous “Take Me Out To the Ballgame?”

But the only catch to this is the fact that not all seats at MLB stadiums are created equal; or, put another way: your tickets and seats are often a product of how much you’re willing to pay. The really expensive seats tend to be a bit more comfortable and enjoyable, while the more inexpensive or cheap seats at mlb stadiums might not be quite as cushy. So how can you make the most of your experience without having to shell out the big bucks for the fancy seats?

Cheap Seats MLB Stadiums

The best 3 way to grab cheap seats at MLB stadiums as follow:

1) Decide what’s more important to you – cheap seat or comfort?

You can find cheap seats with different attributes all over any of the Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums around the country. So when you’re looking to purchase your ticket for a game, figure out what aspect of your outing is most important to you.

  • Are you trying to sit somewhere at which you can catch a home run or foul ball?
  • Are you looking for the best vantage point to watch the game in general?
  • Are you trying to sit somewhere that’s shaded and covered?
  • Or maybe you just need a seat near the exit, in case you want easy access to food, beverages, or the rest room?

Most online ticket retailers offer maps of the stadium, showing you where your tickets would be located. That allows you to make your purchase accordingly.

2) Purchase Food and Beverages From The Lower Concourses

Here’s a little secret: the best food and beverage options at MLB stadiums are always better the closer to the ground you are. Why? Because the seats and sections closer to the ground are the ones that are more expensive, and stadiums are designed to provide the best possible amenities to those fans who are willing to pay the most.

But, if you’re an economic yet smart fan, what you should do is arrive to the stadium early, grab your food and beverage on the lower concourse, find a table or high-top table to enjoy your food, and then make your way up to your seats. You’ll find a significantly wider — and better — selection of things to enjoy this way.

3) Stay Until The End Of The Game

One of the easiest ways to sit in expensive seats for the price of cheap seats at MLB stadiums. More often than not, especially in lopsided games, you’ll start to see fans in the lower sections exit the stadium and head home after the 6th inning or so.

At that point in time, the stadium staff is much more relaxed in enforcing which people have access to the best seating areas. If you’re seated somewhere that you can view the more expensive seats, keep an eye on people that look like they might be leaving the stadium for good; chances are, you can sneak down and take their seats, with none being the wiser.

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