about purnima bhattHello and welcome to gamesandsport.com. My name is Purnima Bhatt, and I love being active playing games and practising every type of sport.

If you are on this page, you might be wondering “what is gamesandsport.com?”. Well, that is a great question!

Please, allow me to introduce you to one of my most fulfilling projects.

“Purnima Bhatt… never heard of this person.”

I am a professional SEO expert and mother of two amazing kids that surprises me every single day with their smiles and passion for life.

Wait, never heard of SEO? My job is to apply strategies and techniques to rank websites on Google. Pretty cool, right?

I am married and, as you probably have guessed by now, Games and Sport blog is just a passion. I am not one of those “it is my passion, but please download my e-book at 19.97$” kind of person.

I am genuinely trying to share my interests on the web for free, and it is a pleasure to have you here.

“About games and sport, right?”

Yes! I have always been an active person, and I thank my body every single day for giving me the opportunity to move, jump and run. I find joy in movement and in staying healthy.

Gamesandsport.com was born to share this passion of mine and to communicate the enthusiasm I feel for this subject.

“Amazing! So what can we expect from your blog?”

Another great question, you are rocking it! I post on a monthly basis about every aspect of sports and games that captured my attention during that time.

From articles about online games, sports, training or fitness tips to funny and exciting infographics, you name it: games are my passion, and I want to cover them with a 360 degrees view.

“Those are my passion as well. Can I work with you?”

Sure, I love collaborating with like-minded individuals. If you are truly passionate about games and sports, you can send me a message at info@gamesandsport.com and I will gladly welcome you to my website.

Guest posting (please read the guidelines here before submitting your great idea) is something I firmly believe in, and everyone can contribute to my project. Let’s connect!