90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo – A Popular Bingo variation

The most popular bingo game out there, the 90 Ball Bingois definitely a fun and engaging past time as well as an opportunity to win a fairly nice prize.

The ticket

The 90 Ball onlineBingo game is fast, fun and simple to play. The 90 Ball Bingo ticket consists of three rows with nine columns each – a gird with 27 fields; every row has five numbered fields and four blank fields. Every ticket has a total of 15 numbers: the first column contains numbers from 1-10, the second 11-20, the thirds 21-30, and so on until the last one that contains the numbers between 81-90. This makes the 90 Ball Bingo tickets especially easy to follow and this makes for a fast-paced game.

Any player can select a single ticket to play 90 Ball Bingo, but it is more common to play on a strip – a six ticket strip that contains all the numbers (from 1 to 90) in random combinations.

The rules

Whether the 90 Ball Bingo is played in a bingo hall or on the multiple online bingo websites, the rules are always the same.

During any bingo game, any number gets selected (or called) only once. And the player needs to mark this number on their ticket/s, although,for the online bingo game, the computer algorithm will mark the selected number on the ticket unless you would like to select manual marking. The manual marking of the drawn numbers in an online bingo game makes for a more interactive, fun and engaging game.

The win

Every player has three opportunities at winning: a single line, a double line and triple line or the Full House.

  • A single line across means that the player has marked five numbers in a horizontal line – and the first one to do so is the winning ticket.
  • A double line across is a winning ticket for the first player that will mark all ten numbers in two horizontal lines.
  • The Full House – the grand prize is won by the first player that will mark all fifteen numbers in all three lines on their ticket.

When a player announces their win of a Full House, the 90 Ball Bingo game ends and another one begins. In a bingo game in a hall, people usually yell “BINGO” and in an online game this is done automatically – you’ll be notified of your win/loss, and offered to play the next round.

The prize

The policy of the 90 Ball Bingo game is that there can be multiple winners, as when a number is called, it can be the winning number in different tickets with different number combinations. In such a case, the prize gets split between all possible winners.

The prize is determined via a progressive algorithm – the higher the price per ticket and the more players enter the game (the higher number of tickets sold), the bigger the prize. Many online bingo providers even offer a guaranteed prize amount, which means a minimal designated prize is offered, no matter the number of players there are in the game. But of course, more is always better, so the more people play, the bigger the prize will be, and of course, sweeter the victory.

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